New Schroon Justice: Bill Tribou, By A Landslide

Preliminary results -- subject to change -- show that Republican Bill Tribou -- has won the Town Justice seat for Schroon by a large margin.

The vote count, subject  to change, shows that Tribou had the lead at 10pm by a margin of 479 - 114, over opponent Tracy Hanchett. 

Hanchett, reached by Schroon Laker, was disappointed by the preliminary results.  

"I gave it my all. I am disappointed by the results," Hanchett told Schroon Laker. 

From the beginning, Hanchett was the underdog candidate, running without a law degree, just like current Town Justice, Jean Strothenke, who did not have any formal legal training when she was elected to the position.

Strothenke was regarded by many as a  successful and highly regarded Town Justice for 24 years.

Hanchett's opponent Tribou, a retired corporate lawyer from the Travellers Group,  campaigned on his record of practicing as an attorney with Travelers for twenty three years focusing on complex, civil and commercial litigation, among his many accomplishments.

We'll have more on this breaking story, as it develops.