Lights, Camera, Fun: Saving The Strand

Folks from all over are going all out to do what they can to Save The Strand – Schroon’s slice of Hollywood. The grand art deco dame is in jeopardy of going dark if owners Larry and Liz McNamara can’t get a new projector which shows movies in a digital format.

We’ve reported extensively on the numerous fundraising efforts underway, and we are happy to tell you about another opportunity this weekend.

As part of Schroon’s Old Tyme Christmas Celebration,  The Morningstar Bistro, is hosting a fundraiser this Saturday.

There will be a raffle for a new popcorn machine, a guessing contest to determine the number of corn kernels in a bucket and two trivia questions. Prizes will be awarded, according to owner Merriam Friedman.

“For guessing how many corn kernels, the winner gets a tee-shirt and those answering the trivia questions, there will be a print of Schroon Lake’s Main Street and Christmas Ornaments,” Merriam told Schroon Laker today.

The event kicks off at around 5 pm and goes to 8pm. The Bistro is also donating profits from  two popular menu items to the Save The Strand Fund: the Morningstar Crepe (eggplant, provolone cheese and roasted red peppers) and the Strand Drink – (a latte with Irish crème syrup).