Art In Ice


Photo Above: Courtesy of Sharron Tyrrell

It seems that most folks in the greater Schroon area survived the Great Ice Storm of 2013. We’ve had reports of one family’s car having 2 inches of ice on it, and many side streets and driveways being covered in a dangerous slick sheet of ice.

We also heard of small branches falling, and no serious damage reports.

But we have heard nothing but good things about the Town’s Road Crews,  who kept Route 9 and Main Street free and clear Sunday. The ice storm provided a bonanza for our area's many talented photographers.

Sharron Tyrrell (above) and Rannei  Rambow (below) found beauty in Mother Nature’s wrath, with a collection of stunning  images. Click here to see more of Sharron's work and here for Rannei's glorious works of art.

Photo below : Courtesy of  Rannei Rambow