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Where will be you be Saturday night? Hopefully if you are in town  -- we will see you at the Stand, at a fundraiser which puts the FUN into the word.

Mother and daughter Emily and Elena Rossi-Snook make up a large part of the program. Their family owned and operated not only The Strand -- but the Paramount!  Loyal readers -- tell us in comments where the Paramount once stood in our comments section!

The highlights of the night will be a documentary, "We Got The Picture", from film maker Elena, a rare commercial promoting Frontier Town, recently discovered by  the Strand's current owner Larry McNamara. And for fans of Hollywood in the 1950s, there will be an appearance by Lil Richardson, an extra who appeared in background scenes with Natalie Wood, in Marjorie Morningstar. Lil will introduce rare behind the scenes home made films taken on the set of the Morningstar production, much of which was filmed on location at Scaroon Manor.

Where and When: The Strand Theatre. Saturday, December 28. 6pm. (Program runs 90 minutes) Admission price: Pay what you can!