The Year Of The ‘dacks

Schroon Lake, Summer, 2012. Looking to the east side of the lake

We are a little late to the party – so forgive us if you already know what the well read readers of the New York Times learned in January. The Adirondacks has been deemed a must visit destination for 2013 – coming in at 21 out of 46 places. Who did we beat? How about Paris, Puerto Rico, Oslo, and Bangkok – just to name a handful.

While we appreciate the attention our neck of the woods will get from such exposure, I break out in hives when I read the words “glamping”, which the author of the piece uses to describe glamorous camping at the Camp Orenda Resort, where guest stay in custom tent cabins, which also include:

“Comfy queen-size beds, wood-burning stoves and an outdoor cedar shower. Meals cooked over an open flame include sophisticated fare like rosemary-infused pork chops with apple chutney”

Our area has plenty to offer and we know plenty of summer homes and camps where gourmet fare is turned out on a daily basis.

And as for the potential of luxury accommodations here in Schroon? Soon to be joining our wide variety of of optons -- from our luxury bed and breakfasts, camp grounds and everything in between -- Schroon Laker has a big story about a potential resort being proposed for our fine lake. Details coming soon.

And of course we are sure the news will be greeted with dread by one outspoken newspaper reporter, who loathes the Flatlanders - many of them proud second home owners, hikers fishermen and women, campers and day trippers here in Schroon. How do you feel about the New York Times directing its spotlight on the Adirondacks? Tell us and share your thoughts in comments.