Meteor Hits Schroon 1880

The same type of hysteria that was created when a meteor screamed through the Siberian skies last week, happened on a much smaller scale a long time ago right here in Schroon Lake.

 It was September 23, 1880 to be precise  -- when a 125 pound meteor, which resembled a white stone boulder --  came crashing to earth near the lake-side home of one Mr. M.E. Granger and his family, who owned a cottage in Schroon.

There is a magnificent account from the New York Times  -- written in breathless, purple prose  -- of what Mr. Granger witnessed.

“About 10 o’clock in the evening, As Mr. Granger was seated at the table writing a letter to a friend, the surrounding was suddenly lighted up as brilliantly as though the sun had abandoned its usual course and shot athwart the heavens like a meteor.”

The author then lays out what happens after Mr. Granger reaches a window.

“He had scarcely time to draw his breath before the house trembled from cellar to garrot like an Aspen, and there was a loud concussion near by, as if some heavy body had fallen.

You can find out how what happened next and how much Mr. Granger was offered for his meteor by reading the full story here.

We gleaned this fascinating piece of Schroon history from a New York Times story on the Empire State’s many run ins with meteors and meteorites.

Know what happened to that 125 pound boulder? Tell us in comments!