Cafe Grand Union?

Schroon Lake has another outlet for caffeine junkies out for a fix: our local Grand Union. Two sets of picnic tables recently popped up, one right in front of the deli counter and one -- oddly we might add -- in front of beer selection.

"The new owners (Buffalo based Tops Friendly Markets)are trying different things," the gal working the deli-counter told us as we grabbed some muenster cheese.

The coffee served comes from a Kureig coffee machine at the end of the beer cooler.

We've also noticed a couple of other changes. By far the one that's most talked about by folks we've spoken to is the removal of the community notice board. Other comments we've heard are that the store seems to be much cleaner than in previous years.

And the aisles seem to be less cluttered -- but maybe that's a seasonal issue. For seniors the store has a terrific policy: Senior Discount Tuesday, where you can save 5 per cent.

What do you like or dislike about the good ol' GU? Tell us in comments.