Throwback Thursday: 1967 Edition

The Year was 1967, and folks with planes were being encouraged to fly to Schroon. At least that's the pitch in this old advertising pamphlet we dug up from the Schroon Laker Collection.

The glossy ad features a picture with a couple clad in denim shorts looking at a map?, standing next to their plane which presumably has just landed on the "3000' Paved Runway."

Enticing the Adirondack bound pilot/holiday maker, the brochure says the airport has "No fees, Fuel, Telephone and Tie Down. Transportation to the village  - 4 minutes"

The map features Schroon Lake Village and the location of the golf course. Paradox Lake also get a shout out.

Have you ever flown into Schroon Lake Airport, or know anybody who has?

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