Lost and Found: Mid April Edition

With the ice out and our Lake back to its unfrozen version -- it means that items that were perfectly content to be going nowhere on the frozen shoreline  -- find themselves freed up and ready for a little exploring. Thus is the case of one Grumman canoe:

"I found a capsized Grumman Aluminum Canoe out in the water this morning. I pulled it up on my ramp going down to the beach. If you know of anyone who lost their canoe, it is at 466 East Shore Road. Thanks, Carl."

And a former Schroon Laker from the class of 1980, is looking for some ld friends. Details, after the jump:

Dolly Gritt is looking for some old class mates, via Facebook

Anybody on here from the Schroon Lake class of 1980???? 1980 1980 1980 !!! Trying to find any old classmates ...Miss you all! Dolly (Guyer) Gritt (now living in Sunny Florida, but left a piece of my heart in my old Lake town).