Every year these boxes appear on the Town Beach. Can you guess what's in them? After the jump find out if you are right -- and why this year they won't be there.

After multiple complaints about folks being forced off the beach and nearby grassy knoll to make way for fireworks being launched from the shoreline, this year's July 4 spectacular show will take place from a floating barge on the lake.

That means that boaters will be pushed a little further back from the action, while the thousands of folks who attend each year can return to their favorite picnic spots on the beach and surrounding areas.

In recent years, with a stricter fire code enforced, people were forced to set up their chairs and blankets behind bright orange plastic security fences on Dock Street  -- not the most ideal or optimal setting.

And having the fireworks on the floating barge will mean the beach will not have to close at 1pm, which was the case in previous years when the area was cleared for the fireworks company to set up their display.

"It's going to be very good for everyone," Town Supervisor Mark Marnell told Scroon Laker today.

"Last year -- with the fire code strictly enforced -- folks were packed in pretty tight because we lost so much of the beach and grass area. This is going to be a huge difference for everyone."

Having the fireworks launched from the barge will mean saying good-bye to the Vermont based company that did the show for the last 12 yewers and hello to the Alonso Fireworks Company from Mechanicsvile, NY. There is no additional cost for the fireworks fired from the barge, Marnell said.

The barge measures 34 feet long and is 10 foot wide. The fireworks are set off by remote control by a crew in a boat nearby.

Marnell said the Essex County Sheriff's Department and the Schroon Lake Fire Department Pontoon boat would enforce a 350 foot safety perimeter for spectators on boats.

"Everybody is going to have a great view, no matter where you are."

What do you think of the barge idea? Does it float your boat? Tell us in comments.