What's that on the ice?

Photo: By Roger Friedman

If you haven't guessed, we will tell you after the jump.

The Schroon Lake Lions Club refers to it as "The Ice Out Mechanism". We like to call it "The Ice Out Robot." Whatever  moniker you give it, it's out on the lake right now, just waiting to plunge through several inches of ice, signalling the all clear to get your docks and boats back into the water.

And as always the Lions Club is running its annual Ice Out Raffle, where winners who guess the time the ice goes out can win some cold hard cash.

This time last year the ice was well and truely out -- at 3:50 PM on March 20th -- the first time ever, the ice went out in March!

Last year there were two winners who picked the exact time closest to the ice went out (4pm)! -- Paul Butler of Cleverdale, NY and Dennis Farrar of Waterford, NY. Since they both guessed the same time, the 1st and 2nd place money was added together and then split equally. The 3rd place winner was James Seagle of Clifton Park, NY.

Tickets are available from the Chamber of Commerce or any local Lion. And while we aren't offering any prizes, tell us in comments when you think the ice will go out.

A few of the Lions Lads with the Ice Out Robot from 2012.