Fast Talk, Fast Action, and Fun at the Schroon Lions Club Auction

Some of the goodies up for grabs at the 2012 Schroon Lions Club Auction held at the Boat House each Sunday of thre Memorial day Weekend

Nothing gets the heart pumping like attending an auction -- whether your are bidding on an item or watching folks duke it out. And we can report first hand the experience is very exhilarating at the Schroon Lions Club annual auction.

We were in attendance last year -- where we picked up several bargains -- and watched two bidders REALLY bid up the red and blue Corona Beer Cooler, you can see in the above photo. (It went for over $400!!!)

So you should make a date for Sunday, May 26, for this year's auction. And the club is still actively seeking donations from area businesses and individuals, according to Lion Patti Mehm.

"The Auction will begin at noon, Professional auctioneer, Ed Haroff of Haroff Auction and Realty, has generously been donating his auctioneering services to this event for many years," Patti said.

Proceeds from the auction and garage sale -- held on Saturday May 25th and the Sunday --  are used to aid the visually impaired and disadvantaged on the local, national, and international levels.

The auction is one of the main fundraising events that the Town of Schroon Lions Club holds, with 100% of raised funds allocated to charitable programs.  

Each donated item will be categorized, photographed and viewable approximately one week prior to the auction, at the Haroff Compnay website.   Typical items donated are: furniture, antiques, household goods, knick-knacks, and children’s items, to name a few.

There is free pickups for your donations and can be arranged by calling Lion Bette Manley (518) 532-7575 or King Lion Dave Harder at (518) 532-9827. If you wish to drop items off directly at the Boathouse, please do so between 8:00-11:00 a.m., Sunday, May 26th.