The Health Of Our Lake

Photo Courtesy: East Shore Schroon Lake Association

With our lake beckoning to us come use it  -- with more and more boats and docks appearing each week --  it won’t be long before we will be swimming, skiing and doing all sorts of fun, aquatic activities in this dreamy body of water.

And before the year gets away from us, we want to share with you the 2012 reports of both the Schroon Lake Association, and the East Shore Schroon Lake Association, on their joint efforts to rid the lake of invasive species.

For the uninitiated, both associations, the towns that ring Schroon Lake, good citizens and both Essex and Warren Counties, have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars protecting our lake from invasives, the chief culprit: Eurasian Milfoil.

Dozens of trained volunteers or scouts, report their findings to professional companies that work with each association, to remove hundreds of pounds of milfoil.

And once again this summer, lake stewards will be working the public boat ramps on the lake, to ensure boaters are not bringing any unwanted species into our lake.

As you will see, the battle is far from over. We encourage you to learn more about the efforts of both SLA and ESSLA and consider joining one or both of these fine organizations.