East Shore Schroon Lake News: Late May Edition

Our glorious lake, Summer 2012. From the Schroon Laker Collection

ESSLA (East Shore Schroon Lake Association), is rolling out the welcome mat for its returning members with its annual Pasta Gala on June  2nd. From Club President Jane Smith:

"Looking forward to our first-fund raiser/social/basket raffle/pasta dinner on June 2 (5:00-6:30 pm) at Jimbo’s on Brant Lake.   This dinner is a great way to see those you haven’t seen in awhile, talk about your winter and the start of our summer.  Anne Pieper is accepting reservations at apieper@frontiernet.net.  Please let Anne know if you are bringing a dessert.

Currently our lake stewards are at Paul Smith’s College being trained, our scouts are readying their duties, and we’re ready for the CSLAP water testing to begin.

For all our efforts concerning Schroon Lake and River to succeed we need a strong membership, so if you haven’t paid your dues for 2013 please consider doing so now.  $25/family and $15/individual. 

Welcome back to all who’ve already returned and those who will soon be on their way back to beautiful Schroon Lake and River.  It will be getting warmer soon (we hope) so it won’t be long before we’ll start seeing activity on the water. 

The Scouts will be out looking for and reporting milfoil sightings to Gretchen who will be in close contact with Aquatic Invasive Management (AIM) for removal of these invasvies.  If you see something that looks like it might be a suspicious invasive please call our ESSLA hotline 494-4849 and Gretchen will follow up on it.  Thank you to all who participate in this crucial endeavor.

The Citizens Statewide Lake Assessment Program (CSLAP) teams will be out doing their water quality testing.  They’ll be performing Secchi disk transparency readings, collecting water samples to be analyzed at a certified laboratory, and communicating the condition of our lake at the time of each sampling.  Thank you to our volunteers who give their time to ensure that our water quality is constantly being monitored.

The Boat Launch Stewards will again be greeting you at the launch.  Their job is to inspect, educate and gather data to help protect not only our lake and river but also other area lakes.  Please help them help you protect our precious waterways.  We are grateful to the Town of Horicon for their partnership in this most important program".