Schroon Lake's Opening Weekend Still On

Despite Mother Nature holding back on the sunshine -- today's Opening Weekend is still on.

"It's a go, rain or shine," said organizer Shelby Davis. But one popular event -- the hot air Balloon ride, will be rescheduled for Sunday. From Shelby:

"The pilot has decided our forecast weather conditions for this evening are not ideal for balloon flights. However, the weather tomorrow evening looks better. While we hate to make decisions that affect so many people, safety is the utmost concern. Based on that, the hot air balloon rides are going to be rescheduled for same time Sunday, May 26.

If you have a reservation for a flight, your reservation will automatically be moved to tomorrow. If you need a different time, please inbox Shelby at or call 932-1241. Our apologies for the inconvenience. Iif only we could control the weather"

This just in the: Open Mic in the Park is now Open Mic at Timberwolfs Pub:


1 pm - 5pm 

11 am Curtis Becraft Songs for Children 
1:00 pm Super Dave Folk & country singer 
1:30 pm Curtis Becraft Singer & songwriter 
2:15 pm Muriel Kerr Cellist 
3:00 pm Hot Pursuit ADK folk & country