Schroon Lake's Public Enemy Number One

The Milfoil Plant. Photo courtesy Schroon Lake A

The Milfoil Plant. Photo courtesy Schroon Lake A

As we have been anxiously awaiting the return of the warm weather,  Invasive Public Enemy Number One: Eurasion Milfoil, has been busy expanding in our pristine waters.

But thanks to the efforts of the two lake associations that take such good care of the lake  -- the East Shore Schroon Lake Association (ESSLA) and the Schroon Lake Association (SLA)  --  this evil beast is being  stopped in its tracks.

The East Shore Schroon Lake Association reports that in the first week  of June, a whopping 425 pounds of milfoil plants were removed from the lake. The work was conducted by Aquatic Invasive Management LLC.

From their report for the week of June 10 – 13th, 2013

Removed 75 milfoil plants (single stem 6in. to 3ft tall) and 10 curly leaf pondweed plants from Word of Life cove. Removed 40 curly leaf plants from area in front of Southern boat launch. Removed 1.75 bags of milfoil of shoreline of south and southeast Clark Island.
Removed an additional 1/2 bag of milfoil from southeast Clark island. Removed 70 plants from northeast Clark Island and 2 plants from the northern tip. Removed 30 plants from southwest Clark Island. Removed 100 2ft single stem plants from area north of western point north of narrows. Also removed 1 bag of milfoil from medium patch here.
Removed 13 bags of milfoil from patch found on previous day. Removed 165 milfoil plants and 45 curly leaf plants from Meadow Cove (mostly single stem 4in to 5 ft tall).
Removed 75 additional milfoil plants from Meadow Cove. Removed an additional 2 bags from medium patch found on 6/11.