Sneak Peak: Saturday's 45th Annual Arts and Crafts In The Park Fair


It's gonna be another great day for the annual Schroon Lake Arts Council's annual Arts and Crafts Fair, with many new vendors.

Among them:  Main Street Mustard and a wood worker who makes boxes and six packs for beer.

Georgette says the boost in interest for the fair came from a craftsman she met at an event at North Creek last year. “He got the word out.”

I asked Georgette about the possibility about making the event a two day affair – big craft fairs across the country typically run both Saturdays and Sundays.

“I have bought it up in the past, and I may bring it up again. A lot of vendors ask me about it all the time.”

The advantages of a two day fair are innumerable. The host gets to charge twice the rental of the space and the vendors – many of who travel long distances – get more exposure, as well as be able to amortize their accommodation and transportation costs.

Among the vendors for tomorrow will be jewelry makers, furniture and wood-workers, specialty food sellers, painters, photographers, knitters, tie dye makers and many more.

More from the SLA: 

At the Schroon Lake Association's Silent Auction, (run by Chuck Harste with the help of Bob Yoeckel, Nancy Belluscio and other SLA member volunteers), you will find delightful gifts donated by vendors and area merchants on which to bid.  The SLA also has a booth at the Fair with membership materials, newsletters, information on invasives and brochures. We will also be selling tickets for the Duck Race which is held on Sunday of Labor Day weekend.  Be sure to get your favorite number before it is sold.  Tickets are $5.  So when you come to the Fair look for our booth!  We are near the Silent Auction Table where there are all kinds of wonderful opportunities for a great buy.  Of course all the funds from both of these efforts go to the support of projects to protect our beautiful lake.