Cuomo Riding the ADK Rapids PR Machine

Just how serious is Governor Cuomo about bringing jobs and attention to the Adirondacks to turn it into an economic engine for local businesses and communities?

Very serious – but he is going about it in a fun, headline grabbing way! That’s our take on what happened yesterday at Indian Lake, when the governor got dozens of up and downstate politicos, journalists and other notables into a white water  on Indian River for a rafting race, all in an effort to bring the spotlight on our beloved ADKs.

His "Adirondack Challenge" was designed to draw attention to the tourism potential of upstate New York.

From NCPR:

"I want to expose this part of the state of New York. It is a magnificent part of the state, as you can see. Tourism is big business for us, it's a big part of the economy. And this has great potential."
Cuomo's event drew reporters from all over the US, many of them experiencing the wild Adirondacks for the first time. Susan Arbetter hosts the public radio magazine "Capital Pressroom."
"It's absolutely magnificent. It's everything you would dream the Adirondacks should be. We see beautiful clear water with white-caps, bookended with gorgeous green trees!"
Artisans from around the North Country were in North Creek for the Adirondack Challenge. Charles Wallace with Hidden Hollow Maple Farm in Warrensburg says he welcomes the governor's promotion.
"This is a great opportunity. I'm hoping for a really great day today."
On Monday morning Gov. Cuomo planned to host a second race on the Indian River — this time against New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

You can listen to the NCPR report here.