A Schroon-Seagle-Stardom Connection

This is one feel good story: Sean Panikkar, a former Seagle Music Colony Tenor is a last minute addition to a new group, who make it big on NBC’s America’s Got Talent!

The group – Forte – wows the judges  -- including Howard Stern and Heidi Klum --  singing Andre Bocelli’s “The Prayer,” and move onto the next round.

Seagle’s Tony Kostecki always knew Sean Panikkar was destined for big things having tipped us last year as “one to watch”.

Says Tony:

We already knew that Sean, like all our SMC young artists, had talent, but now America knows too!  Make sure to watch to the end of the clip, when judge Howard Stern says "the new guy is the strongest singer".

You can read Sean’s bio here.

And make sure you tune into NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” next Tuesday night, July 30, as Sean continues his new journey.