Seagle Alumni Continues to Soar

The journey continues for 2002 Seagle Music Colony Alum Sean Panikkar, on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent".

The group Sean sings with -- Forte – an  operatic  tenor  trio that was formed through the internet, did an out of the park rendition of "Somewhere, Someday" from West Side Story Tuesday night at Radio City Music Hall.

The audience were on their feet at the end of the song, and judge Howard Stern was literally gushing.

“I gotta say guys: quality, quality – talent. What an excellent choice of song. I remember my parents playing that on the record player.”

“Man, did you hit it out of the park. Good job.”

Howie Mandell chimed in: I think there’s a place for you in the top 10.

Forte combines  voices from different cultures into one incredible sound. Solo artists in their own right, Sean, Josh Page  and Fernando Varela bring their individual talents to the group to create one powerful vocal force.

The group was created and debuted for the first time ever on "America's Got Talent" and had never met until only days before their first audition. How far will Forte go? The show continues tonight.