Get Your (Outboard) Motors Running

It’s gonna be a busy day at the Town Park Sunday – with not only the 1 Eye Classic Bike Ride and Picnic, but also the 7th annual Mohawk Hudson Chapter of the Antique Outboard Motor Club show and swap meet.

Outboard motor enthusiasts  -- from as far away as Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Vermont  -- are expected for the event, according to Michael Glenn, one of the organizers.

“We love coming to Schroon Lake, it’s perfect for our needs,” Glenn told Schroon Laker today.

“The location of the boat launch, to where you can pull up in your truck and display your motors and odds and ends flea market style, right on the water, makes it ideal.

“We also welcome the public, there’s quite a lot to see".

Glenn said another reason why Schroon is so desirable is its ADK location. “We picked this location in the Adirondacks to take advantage of the fall foliage.”

From humble beginnings seven years ago, when the event attracted around 30 outboard motor heads, Sunday’s meet could attract around 100 people.

 “By word of mouth and chatter on the internet, people really like coming to this show".

Glenn said the timing of the event,  just after Labor Day, is good for boat enthusiasts to launch their vessels on an un-crowded lake. In recent years, the event has attracted enthusiasts who have launched very zippy hydroplane boats, with modified 10 horsepower engines that can hit speeds up to 60 miles per hour. “We are only noisy for a couple of hours,” Glenn said.

“Some of these boats are 30, 40, 50 years old. They were originally built from plans published in Popular Mechanics”.

Glenn said the Mohawk Hudson Chapter of the Antique Outboard Motor Club has enjoyed a good relationship with the town, and a side benefit to Schroon was bringing tourist dollars in an off-peak time, especially from folks traveling from afar who need accommodations and places to eat.”

The event kicks off at 9 am Sunday, but Glenn expects some early birds well before that. “That’s when you get the best bargains.”

Where and When. Sunday, September 15. Town Boat Launch and nearby area in the Town Park 9 am  - 2 pm.