The Ducks You Cheer For, Not Eat!!!


It was simply just ducky – the 7th annual Schroon Lake Duck Race  -- with an almost photo finish!

A large crowd of about 100 had a terrific time watching the pink, yellow, blue and purple plastic ducks bobble down the rapids at Mill Creek Sunday. The race raised needed funds for the Schroon Lake Association. (SLA)

There was much anticipation for this year's race: all of the ducks available for "adoption" were taken on Saturday at the SLA’s booth in the Town Park at the annual Schroon wide garage sale, said Linda Milsom, one of the event organizers.

“It was a good race yesterday. Almost had a photo finish for third place. 

Great crowd of spectators,” Linda said.  

“Thank you to all the individuals that supported and participated in the race."

So drum roll please: here are the official results of the 7th Annual Schroon Lake Duck Race, from Linda:

First place: Joanne Treffs. Schroon Lake, New York

Second place: John Malanga. Chatham, New Jersey

Third place: Veronica McAlmond. Schroon Lake, New York

Congrats to all the winners. See you next year!