Mapping Eurasian Milfoil


The East Shore Schroon Lake Association recently released its final report on the battle with Eurasian Milfoil --  which combines the scouting results and Aquatic Invasive Management‘s (AIM)  total harvest.

The report includes a map (above and a link to it here), showing the areas where thousands and thousands of the invasive plants have been removed.  

The report also mentions a new invasive plant found by two scouts:  Purple Loosestrife, an invasive terrestrial plant. One site has been harvested by Adirondack Ecologists (AE) and the other  has been removed by ESSLA (from private properties on the south end of East Shore Drive and the Horicon Boat Launch).

We encourage everyone to take the time and read the report – you will learn how valuable this program is in preserving our lake and come to appreciate the tireless efforts of the Scouts and other folks who volunteer their time make sure we will win this battle.

We are also enclosing this link to the final field observations for the 2013 Schroon Lake Hand Harvesting period from Water Resource Specialist Bob Bombard, from the Warren County Soil and Water Office.


The East Shore Schroon Lake Association  (ESSLA)  President Jane Smith posted a clarification in the comments section after our story last week, Winning The Invasives War.

From Jane: "Although ESSLA is the driving force for getting AIM on Schroon Lake....and of that we are very proud and thankful...the Towns of Chester, Horicon and Schroon hire and fund AIM. We cannot thank Mike Marnell, Ralph Bentley, Fred Monroe and their respective Town Boards enough".