The Schroon Super Bowl Doritos Connection: The Final Scene

For a group of young area filmmakers --  this Super Bowl Weekend, and several bags of Doritos -- could have changed their lives.

We are referring to the annual make your own Doritos commercial for the Super Bowl contest, entered by locals Mark Wallenwine, with Brian Hosan, Matthew Peterson, Joey Esguerra, David Gross, and Ethan Thompson. Brian and Mark co-produced the project. Matthew Peterson, Joey Esguerra, and David Gross acted, and Ethan Thompson helped on set with audio recording as well as helping us move props around.

Their video, which you can play above, was entitled Doritos Faceoff

The group, along with tens of thousands of other hopefuls from around the world, entered the Crash The Super Bowl contest with high hopes. Sadly only five entries made the final cut, which you can watch here.

Not only was there a million dollars up for grabs for the winning entry, but the winning filmmakers a chance to work on the set of the upcoming Avengers movie.

And  that opportunity, not the money, was the real motivation for Mark to enter the contest.

From Mark:

"One thing that I never mentioned was that I never did that project for the million dollar grand prize. I actually did it for the other part of the prize which was to get onto the set of the Avengers. I really just want to learn and better my skills story telling through video and film production, and that sounded like the education/real world work experience of a life time".

We wish Mark and crew all the best in the future.