Schroon Lake News End Of Year Wrap: Part II

From Jane Smith President of the East Shore Schroon Lake Association:

A happy, healthy and safe New Year to the ESSLA family.  As we begin the New Year I would like to extend my gratitude to each of you for your support of the Association....therefore the preservation, protection and improvement of our precious region.

Many of our board members, in addition to the terrific job they do guiding ESSLA, serve on and are involved with committees and agencies at the local, county and state levels.  This involvement not only keeps ESSLA on the cutting edge of what is happening with the decision makers but also allows us to be involved with and contribute to the making of these important decisions.

 We are invited to the table because we have the continued confidence and support of our members.  Since 2006 when we reorganized to become proactive stewards of our lake and river we have steadily grown our membership from fifty to nearly seven hundred.  More continue each year to support ESSLA’s mission.  Those who form policy and make the ultimate decisions that affect our region....funding,  grant awards, legislation, etc....hear our voice and know that we are serious about our mission because you speak loud and clear with your continual support of ESSLA.

 YOU make the difference!!  Thank you and hats off to you.....

 Anne, Bill, Bob, Chrys, Fred, Gretchen, Jane, Joanne, Kim, Mike, Rich, Sally, Stephen, Steve, Vince, Wayne