Are You Missing A Black Lab?


We want to help get the word out about a black lab – spotted on Hoffman Road – who seems to have either runaway, lost his or her way, or god forbid, may have been abandoned.

Tony Tenda, who first saw the dog last week, says the dog has a blue collar. He was spotted about 5 miles up on Hoffman Road, where it's been roaming the woods for about a week.

Despite his best efforts, offering food, Tony has been unsuccessful in trying to bring the dog into a warm environment.

In a discussion about the dog on the official Schroon Lake Facebook Page, Tony says “the dog it looks to be in ok shape, and has probably found a barn or shed to stay in”.

Tony continues to stay on top of the search and rescue off.

“Tomorrow when I set some food out back, I will set up one of my trail cameras up and post a pic."