The Strand, Taugo and Edward Haroff


With the kind permission of Shannon Kelley, we are sharing her photo, which she released yesterday on the official Schroon Lake Facebook page. The significance of the photo, as Shannon pionts out,  is that it shows two Schroon Lake icons: The Strand Theatre and Edward T. Haroff, as Santa.

As many of you may be aware, Ed’s friends and family are praying for him as he battles back after a nasty fall two weeks ago that caused a brain injury.

Writes Shannon: “Ed is the Santa in the photo. He was my foster father during my jr. high and high school years in SL.The other kids in the neighborhood and I were his assistants when he did the Santa (and every other) gig. The horse is our beloved Taugo.”

You can read more about Ed’s courageous battle -- and the massive prayer circle organized by his loved ones --  on the Schroon Lake Facebook Page.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Ed’s family and friends.