East Shore Schroon Lake Association In Action

Let me give you just a few examples of your association's actions.  Let's start with some of the activities our Ambassadors get involved in.  Start with ESSLA's Adopt-a-Highway program then add getting up a 5 AM to check boats at the latest fishing tournament, wading in the water checking for Asian clams, taking time to cover an assigned area looking for aquatic invasives in the lake and river, helping to set up our display booths at various events, selling items for our fund raisers or educating people on the threat invasives pose to Schroon Lake and River.  Our Ambassadors contribute a huge amount to ESSLA's programs.  What is an Ambassador?  Ambassadors are volunteers who offer to contribute a couple of hours one or more times a year.  Contact Jane Smith at jsmith78@nycap.rr.com or Sally Paland at spaland36@gmail.com to join our Ambassadors Club. 

Now, how about your Board members?  In addition to participating in the above activities the members of the board organize the Scout Program, the Lake Steward Program and the Adirondack Lakes Assessment Program, which monitors the water quality and health of Schroon Lake.  They also verify the work of AIM, the company hired to harvest invasive plants in our lake.  Add to that they attend various training programs and conferences for invasives, storm water runoff and septic issues.  We belong to and participate in the Warren County Water Quality Committee, the Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program, the New York State Federation of Lakes and the Adirondack Lakes Alliance.  We also attend our town board meetings and serve on various town boards.

Add to this the time spent organizing the meetings and events and you get a feel for what ESSLA does to protect Schroon Lake and River.  Why do this?  So we can swim, fish and boat in our lake and river and so we can see eagles landing in the trees of Brill Island and flying along our shoreline. Is ti worth all the effort and time?...ESSLA, your association thinks it is.