Rock Climbing Legend Coming To Schroon

   Photo: Courtesy Tom Rosecrans

Photo: Courtesy Tom Rosecrans

Legendary rock climber Tom Rosecrans will be a special guest speaker at the Schroon lake Central School next week.

The presentation, by the National Honor Society, will take place in the SCLC Auditorium  at 7pm on October 29.

Rosecrans, a retired schoolteacher, has climbed all over the world -- from the Alps and Africa to several expeditions to the Himalayas -- but he has a passion for the Adirondacks. These days he’s the owner of  RockSport, a climbing gym in Queensbury, which also features outdoor climbs with licensed guides.

To learn more about this remarkable adventurer, check out this New York Times profile of Tom, here, where the writer describes him this way:

“Slender and agile, forearms roped with veins, his mustache now graying, Rosecrans had first seen rock climbers at a distance when he was 21 from the highway near Poke-O-Moonshine farther north.

He took an Adirondack Mountain Club weekend class, then taught his friends what he knew. He took each of his daughters on their first climbs at Chapel Pond when they were 5.

“Once you do it once, it’s like eating a potato chip,” he said. “You can’t eat just one.”