Testing The Waters: Courtesy of The Schroon Lake Association

Picture shows Mike Ryan and Glen Repko retrieving water samples from Schroon lake on Wednesday. Pictures courtesy SLA.

Picture shows Mike Ryan and Glen Repko retrieving water samples from Schroon lake on Wednesday. Pictures courtesy SLA.

By Glen and Sue Repko

The 8th and final water sample of Schroon Lake was completed on Wednesday, October 15th.  This was a few weeks later than normal due to a malfunction of the testing equipment and very rough waters during scheduled testing requiring sampling to be rescheduled a couple of times.

Pictured are Schroon Lake Association members Mike Ryan and Glen Repko dropping a water sampling vessel into the lake for the 1 1/2 meter shallow water sample and the 100 meter deep water sample.  The water sample from each test is checked for temperature then poured into other numerous bottles, frozen, and shipped to a lab in central New York for analysis.  The results of the analysis is charted, logged, and compared with tests from earlier in the year and also with the results from previous years in order to follow the progress on the lake water’s quality.

The second test completed by members Diane and Tony Dalto checks the clarity of Schroon Lake by lowering a black and white disc into the lake water and noting when the disc disappears from view and then again when it reappears.  The two readings are also logged and used to compare water clarity of Schroon Lake throughout the summer and again to compare with previous years.

These tests have been carried on by the Schroon Lake Association off of Word of Life Island in one of the deepest points of the lake for nearly twenty years and has been trending a positive direction for the clarity and quality of our lake water. The Schroon Lake Association wants to carry these tests on to the southern basin of the lake for purposes of comparing similarities or differences from the north to the south lake basins.

This is just one of the many ways the Schroon Lake Association is working to keep Schroon Lake a beautiful, clean, source of fun and recreation for the people of Schroon Lake and those who enjoy the North Country.  We are always looking for volunteers to help us with these tests.  The tests are carried out from June to September on twice-a-month basis at relatively the same location to keep a constant value for the testing.  If you can help us out next year, please contact us and we will get you registered and trained for testing

For more information about the terrific work the Schroon Lake Association does click here, and if you are not a member, consider joining.