More Art and Music For Schroon

From Joanie Cunningham:

“Last weekend, we had our Pumpkin Carving Contest; Friday is our Halloween Party and Saturday our Auction. We're clearing out our store to make room for our winter project - converting the store to a young person's artist gallery and music studio." Joanie continued. "Hopefully, we can open up our gallery by early summer. Some pretty impressive artists and musicians have approached us to mentor the young talent from the region. We're really excited! Next week, we start to sound proof the community center, so the kids will have a place to play or sing. Eventually, we will match them with the mentors who will help them improve their skills. On November 8th, I hear rumors that a birthday bash for my 60th will be going on in the café starting at 3" Joanie commented, "It's amazing, 5 years ago, the doctors didn't give me much of a chance. Every year when a new health problem starts up, they would tell me to prepare for the worst. Each time I smile and tell my doctors to have faith.” 

(In January 2009, an undiagnosed neurological disorder struck, leaving Joanie a quadriplegic.  After a year she gained back her use of her arms and hands. And then it struck again, affecting her lungs, skin and bones; the latter resulting in a broken leg and bacterial infection. The infection took 17 surgeries to overcome and resulted in the loss of her leg, hip, and ½ of her pelvis).

"Through it all, I just kept in mind that it could always be worse, but I’m still able to continue to work for my community and grow my business," Joanie concluded.

Joanie's Goodies, her cafe/bakery established in 2004, offers Sunday Brunch, all natural handcrafted bakery, candy, gift baskets and Mexican and Italian Cuisine, is open year round Thursday - Monday 9am – 6pm  and Friday and Saturday 9am - 9pm.

Anyone interested in signing up for the music studio or art gallery can call (518) 351-5000.