Schroon's Horseshoe Pond Dam Gets Some Respect

The funding includes $1 million for specific projects at four dams located in Franklin, Essex and Chenango Counties:

 Oseetah Lake Dam (Lower Saranac Lake Lock), Franklin County

Upper Saranac Lakes Lock Dam, Franklin County

Horseshoe Pond Dam, Essex County

Chenango 7 Wildlife Pond Dam, Chenango County

 An additional $1 million is available for inspections of 50 state-owned dams.

From the Governor:

“For these communities, dams are a first line of defense against extreme weather, and we must ensure that they have the strength and resiliency to control water levels, prevent damage and protect the public from flooding, Under our NY Works program, we continue to make smart investments in our infrastructure, and these upgrades and inspections will ensure these dams meet all design and safety standards.”

Chairman of the Essex County Board of Supervisors Randy Douglas said, “The Horseshoe Pond Dam dates back to the 1930s and we are pleased that the State is investing resources to ensure this dam is safe. The New York Works program is important to communities like ours and we thank Governor Cuomo for recognizing our needs and providing funding to reduce potential hazards and protect our residents and community. We look forward to continuing to work with the state on this project.”

You can read more the the Governor's press release, here.