The Future Of Bobcat Sports?

Every since the old Bobcat Sports closed on Route 9,many folks have been speculating who bought it and what its future will be. After a little digging we have a few answers.

Penny Edenfield and her husband Doug, from Flanagan’s Pub, are the new owners. For the last two months Doug and a crew have been busy gutting the old bait store, inside and out.

But as for its future use? “Well, we haven’t really decided yet,” Penny told Schroon Laker. We have a couple of ideas we are kicking around, but don’t want to say anything just yet”.

She said the renovation work had been uneventful, as the place had been I good condition. While the long-term plans remain a mystery, it’s immediate future will be a short-term lease to a local crafter who will be selling Christmas wreaths and decorations.