Wanna Know Why The Weather Forecast is Often Wrong? Read This

This will blow your mind. In this well written and researched story, The website "The Vane" explains why the official government weather organization, The National Weather Service, issues confusing, way off base and just plain wrong forecasts. From "The Vane":

"The National Weather Service is among the best and most trusted forecasting outlets in the United States, but sometimes their limitations cause them to screw up. Today is one of those times. This afternoon's snowfall map is ridiculous and physically impossible, and they need to fix this issue in order to stay on top.

First, a little background. The National Weather Service is the official weather forecasting agency for the federal government. It devolves its forecasting duties down to 122 individual weather forecast offices (WFOs) across all fifty states, Puerto Rico, and Guam. Each WFO is responsible for forecasting the weather for a geographic area outlined by a boundary known as a County Warning Area (CWA), which, as the name suggests, is a group of geographically-linked counties that surround the WFO.

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