Snowed In!

There’s no business like Snow Business, as the Riggins Family found out Monday..

The above picture was what confronted Dan Riggins on Pine Lane, after he tried to do a little snow clearing. The result?: An  extraordinary snow canopy over their front porch.

From Dan:  "Woke up this morning and went to get the paper when this appeared as I opened the front door. A real unique snow event that we have never witnessed before. When I hit one spot with my shovel the entire overhang came down at once like an avalanche. Quite a neat happening. All conditions were just right for this to occur I guess.  Thought you would enjoy.

PS: Obviously I need to reset the date on my camera. If these photos were taken in July it would really have been a unique event".  See more of Dan’s photos in our Winter In The Dacks section.