Save the Date: Schroon Lake Association Holiday Party

    Schroon lake: Squeaky clean in the 1950s -- still pristine 50 years later.


Schroon lake: Squeaky clean in the 1950s -- still pristine 50 years later.

During the holidays, it’s natural that we celebrate all that’s been accomplished throughout the year. And the Schroon Lake Association (SLA) has a lot to celebrate, working with our lake partners to keep Schroon in its pristine condition.

We caught up with SLA President Mark Granger this past weekend who told us he wants EVERYONE who loves the lake – not just association members, to come out to their annual holiday party on December 14 at Sticks and Stones.

“We want everybody to come. It's a cash bar with free hors d' oeuvres. What we want to do is get people to see what we are about, what we are doing and give people a chance to talk to each other about the lake and to have a good time,” Mark told Schroon Laker.

Part of the mission is to grow the membership of the SLA, and events like the party will help that effort. Right now the SLA membership is around 600 families and Mark figures that breaks down to a minimum of 1,300 people.

“There are 1,700 full time residents, we would like to get more of the full time residents, and we are hoping to make a dent in the seasonal residents, too. We'd love to see another 300. Two years ago we increased by 300”.

“We want to see our membership go up another 15 to 20 per cent. We had a bumper year two years ago, but we’ve got other exciting news:   a brand new website that is about to go up and we have a new computerized system that will enable people to connect a lot easier, pay their dues automatically, even pay their dues with credit cards. We are hoping that it will be easier to join, easier to stay involved and easier to donate”.

Where and When: Sticks and Stones, 739 US Route 9. (518) 532-WOOD