More Gore, Needs More Cooler Temperatures




Picture above: Allen and Lyn Hughes, visitors from Sydney, Australia, at the top of Cloud

Good riddance to those balmy temperatures in the high 30s and low 40s – those are the sediments of the folks at Gore Mountain, where the high temps have driven the groomers, trail makers and those in charge of snow blowing efforts, slightly batty over the last few days. Now, with the forecast calling for very chilly and more seasonal like temperatures, snowmaking is going to a be 24/7 operation.

"It's like Springtime skiing in Australia," said visitor Allen Hughes, on holiday from Sydney, Australia, with his wife Lynne and their three teenaged sons. "Despite not having a lot of snow, we had a lot of fun." When Mr. Hughes left Sydney just before Christmas, temperatures were in the low 90s. Mr Hughes skies in Australia in southern New South Wales, at the Perisher Valley resort.

The groomers have done an amazing job over the last few days, having managed for the most part to give skiers and boarders the best experience they can. Today, Monday, there will be 42 trails open with 10 lifts. Enjoy!