Schroon Food Pantry Gets New Digs

Schroon’s Food Pantry, which has shared space with the Library in the basement of the Hudson Headwaters Building, is about to get a lot more space, when it moves into the old Firehouse.

Lenchen Marnell, who runs the program, says it’s a win, win for everyone.

“We will be able to spread out and the library book sale folks can also spread out,” Lenchen told Schroon Laker. (And it’s going to be a lot warmer than the basement!) The new space means the pantry will be able to purchase non-food items, which are essential to those needing a helping hand.

“I’m able to buy household goods for 16 cents a pound – goods like pillows and blankets. Up until now I have had nowhere to store them.” The move comes at a time when the Food pantry is “busier than ever.”

“We served over 5,400 customers last year, 25 per cent more than in the last two or three years,”

“We have new comers in town, there are people coming from other towns”. Thankfully for The Food Pantry, donations have kept up with the increased demand.

“People are kind. Having owned a store here, a lot of people know me. They always help out.”

Lenchen says she was planning to retire from the Food Pantry later this year, but will now most likely stay on to oversee the transition into the new space at the Firehouse.

To make a donation, you can send a check to the Schroon Lake Food Pantry, C/O- 34 Bay Road, Schroon Lake, 12870. Please mark the check for deposit only. The pantry is a 503c charity, so every penny you give is tax deductible.