Everybody Has A Story

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What’s your legacy? Have you ever thought about how you might be remembered by future generations of your family? In this age where many of our young people spend more time glued to the screens of smart phones, TV’s and computers, the art of conversation is often limited to almost text like dialogue.

The days when sitting around a fireplace or board games sharing stories, are few and far between. But what if you were able to share your life story when you are long gone – and those once young kids  -- now adults  -- would like to know more about their family’s roots?

Well, it’s very possible, and for those lucky enough to have access to the Schroon Lake Library, you can son get the chance to learn how to write a memoir.

Taught by professional writer, novelist and raconteur Carol Gregson, this is a terrific way to learn how to get those great stories, memories and moments of your life out of your brain and onto paper.

Whether you plan on writing a book, or just an essay length piece, Carol, will show you how to do it.

Classes start on March 18 -- and go for 8 consecutive sessions – finishing May 6. To register call the Library at  (518) 532-7737 ext 13. Hurry, the workshop is limited to 15 participants. You must be able to attend all sessions.