PDX in NYC: One Night Only!


Calling all Paradox Brewery fans, craf beer aficionados,  North Country folk and  Schroon Lakers in the Flatlands and beyond!  Make your way directly to New York City’s Pony Bar Friday night, where you will be able to sample five PDX beers at an event celebrating beers from within the Adirondack Park.

The event, at the Pony Bar’s Hell’s Kitchen location, kicks off  at 3pm, (Friday, February 28) when the doors open.  Come and say G’day to Brewery Founder Paul Mrocka and the Schroon Laker.com crew.

PDX will have five  kegs. Their Winter Ale, the Red, The Pilsner, and their two new showcase beers: The Belgium Style Triple IPA and Dark Bay Stout.

For Down Staters, who may not have been to the brewery since the summer, we encourage you to try the PDX Winter Ale, the new Triple and the Stout – three  spectacular beers that will leave you full, satisfied and happy.

The Triple recipe is from Paul’s days as a home brewer on Paradox Lake “with modifications from Brew Master Adam," according to Paul.

“It has dried orange peel and crushed coriander. The ABV is 10.5 % . Our Dark Bay Stout is 8.5%  ABV with notes of dark chocolate and coffee undertones”.

PDX continues going from strength to strength. Their distributor, Saratoga Eagle now has more than 40 plus customers and the brewery recently hit a milestone by selling over 100 kegs in a month.

“They said that’s a big deal for such a new brewery. It usually does not happen that fast…”

Congrats to Paul and the entire PDX team. If you are new to Schroon Laker.com – and want to learn more about the PDX crew and their brewery, click here and scan our Food and Drink Section for other stories on the brewery.