Welcome Visitors to *Skroon Lake!

Schroon Laker.com wishes a warm welcome to the hundreds of visitors this weekend, here for the 22nd Annual Schroon Lake Ice Fishing Derby. (And of course day trippers, snow shoers, sledders cross country skiers, skiers and their entourages!).

And while you are here, please remember to say our town’s name correctly. Simply puts it's sounds like *Skroon” not “Shroon.”

This is a topic that we have visited once before, but today it  popped up again when Schroon Laker Doug Benson called out the local Channel 5 Weatherman John Hickey and his pronunciation of our hamlet.


Doug left his thoughts on the WPTZ Facebook Page:

Dear WPTZ,
Hi, my name is Doug. I live in a town in your viewing area, and I have watched channel 5 for a long time. (think Bird Berdan, the Atlantic Weather Man.) It would be a great personal favor to me if you could pronounce the name of my town correctly. It's Schroon Lake, with a hard C sound, like School. Not like shoe or shirt. All of us that live down here and watch Channel 5 would appreciate it a lot!

Doug – that made our day! Got a story to tell us about mispronunciations that drive you crazy? Share them with us in comments.