Look Up In The Sky...Is It A Bird? A What....?

For Schroon Laker Colin Mangan and a few friends, it was just another day on the ice, fishing. With a few lines in, and a couple of cold drinks, Colin and his buds were enjoying a good time in his tricked out ice shanty.

But that serenity was interrupted by a loud buzzing sound. When Colin and his mates went to investigate, they could hardly believe what they saw above them. 

From Colin: "We had a pretty intense aerial show Sunday.  After buzzing the lake, Matt of North Creek landed down at our ice shanty.  According to Matt, we had the best party going on the lake!  We had fun checking out the restored 1945 plane outfitted with skis.  You just don't see that everyday.  No fish to report, but still a memorable day. See ya on the ice!"

Incredibly, some of Matt's Air Show was captured on cell phone video by Gary Tromblee, from  Schroon's own Sticks and Stones Restaurant. It's amazing footage!

A huge shout out to Gary and Colin for sharing.