Be Careful Out There: It's a Blizzard

As of 5:30 -- the snow was falling fast and hard. Below is the view from the Dropcam at Flanagan's Pub!  And By the time this monster is over there could be at least two feet in our area. At Gore Mountain their  forecast presently calls for up to 26" of new snow!!!.

As of late afternoon more than 11 inches had fallen so far. 

From the folks at Gore: "Please use caution on the roads and on the mountain, as areas of blowing snow are anticipated throughout Thursday.  We've got over 35 miles available today, and the Hudson Chair will be opening on Friday to add to the fun". 

Depending where you are -- and how the wind is blowing -- there's was at least 6 or more inches on the ground, with the intensity seeming to increase later in the day.

Crews are having a tough time keeping up with just how fast the snow is now falling.

Photo Courtesy Julie Sawyer

Photo Courtesy Julie Sawyer