Saturday's Schroon Lake St. Paddy's Day Sled Loop Race

When Schroon got that massive snow dump this week, sledders from near and far rejoiced! And that was excellent news for Steve and Gary at Sticks and Stones Restaurant, who just yesterday announced a St. Paddy's Day celebration, featuring a timed sled race between their restaurant and the Schroon Lake Fish and game Club, green beer and good food.

Here's how the contest  -- which runs all day today Saturday  March 15 -- works:

  • Where: Starting at Sticks & Stones to the Fish & Game Club and then back to Sticks & Stones.
  • When a snowmobile wants to begin the race, you will be given a loop card with the time stamped. Upon arrival at the club, Drew will stamp your arrival time. When you are ready to depart, Drew will then stamp your departure time. Snowmobiles must complete the loop one way via the trail and one way via the lake.
  • Awards:
    • Fastest Loop Time
    • Slowest Loop Time
    • Greenest Sled (St. Patrick's Themed)

Good luck to all of there competitors and be safe out their! For more information call  (518-532-WOOD).