National Grid: National Rip Off?

Have any of our readers felt the sting like we have when opening the National Grid bill? OUCH!!!. OUCH!!! OUCH!!!  Yes, we know it has been bitterly cold, but the National Grid increase has been a bitter financial pill for many of us to swallow.

We didn’t know just how bitter until U.S. Senator Charles Schumer suggested the power giant  -- along with others -- should be investigated by the Federal Trade Commission. In a conference call with reporters yesterday, Schumer said he wants to ensure that utilities or natural gas suppliers are not overcharging ratepayers

The increases this winter, said Schumer, have hit consumers in Upstate New York "like a punch to the gut." Rates spiked the most this winter for National Grid customers — an average 60 percent to 75 percent, Schumer said.

You can read more from Schumer here. And please feel free to rant about your increases in our Schroon Laker comment section below.