Dragging Up Old Memories

   Photo Courtesy: Doug B

Photo Courtesy: Doug B

Sponsored by the North Hudson Volunteer Women’s Auxiliary, the now annual event originally grew out of a drag strip reunion organized by the Schroon North Hudson Historical Society, says organizer April Bessey.

“That event was so popular the North Hudson Volunteer Women’s Auxiliary decided to keep it going,” April Bessey, a daughter in law of the two of the original racers told Schroon Laker today.

“Each year the event has grown as word of mouth spreads”. Last year about 60 cars and hundreds of folks turned out. April says she hopes more will come out this year.

This is not your usual car show. There is no sign up sheet, no admission fee, no prizes or trophies and even the Michigans are free (although you are encouraged to donate and help out the fine work of the North Hudson Volunteer Women’s Auxiliary.

April says each year folks bring photo albums of the glory days of the track, and encourages anyone with memorabilia to bring it with them this Saturday.

For many, the very mention of “the drags” brings back memories shared by a generation.

The strip was run by a group of folks including Russell and Ronnie Bessey, and their club, The Adirondack Eliminators.

Some of the racers included Freddy French, Willard Baker, Norm Monette, Dick Curran and the Bessey Brothers.

Back then you might also have caught Don DeZalia and Butch Dupuis.

Dick Curran drove a light blue 63 Corvair, Fred French and Willard Baker had a black and white 57 Ford with the oversize rear tires and Norm Monette  -- with his now famous gold 57 Chevy “The Flying Farmer”  -- were legends.

Norm, a certified local legend, octogenarian and all ‘round good guy, will be there this Saturday, according to April. “I just got off the phone with him and he is confirmed”.

Norm and  The Flying Farmer, is a fixture at the show each year and always gets a big cheer from crowd at the Schroon 4th of July Parade.

The entire event is free. There will be donation buckets for those wishing to help cover costs.

When and Where: May 3, 2014. The event starts at 9 am and goes to 3pm. North Hudson Firehouse, 3034 Route 9, North Hudson