Paradox Brewery in Schroon: Pull Up A Bar Stool

In the few short months that the Paradox Brewery has been open in Schroon, a lot has happened. Projections for how much beer the brewery was going to make in its first year have been tossed out the window, the tasting room on some weekends is  -- as my old boss Dan Rather might say “ tight like a too-small bathing suit on a too-long ride home from the beach”  and the beer is attracting a large, enthusiastic, vocal and thirsty fan base.

All of this has left Paradox founder Paul Mrocka – and his partner in life and beer, his wife Joan -- a little over whelmed, very busy and very happy.

The projection for the first 12 months was for the brewery to produce around 300 barrels of beer. Right now their output is more than 500 barrels, with three months of beer making left before the brewery celebrates their 1st anniversary on July 22.  Read more of our story in our Food and Drink Section.