#TBT: Frontier Town's Glory Days

Earlier this week we reported on the up coming auction of Frontier Town, the once spectacular tourist attraction in North Hudson, which ran from 1952, before finally shutting its doors in the early 1990s.

It was the dream of a former telephone company worker Art Benson, a flatlander from Staten Island, Most locals thought he was stark, raving mad  when he proposed the idea, but it grew into something extraordinary. From humble beginnings with just a few log cabins, Frontier Town would eventually have its own rodeo, steam train ride, stage coach hold ups, shoot outs on Main Street, a grain mill, and pens for steers and buffalo. A replica Native American Village and fort completed this wild western town in Upstate New York.

The theme park provided hundreds of seasonal jobs for locals, some who worked for Benson for decades. Today, only a skeleton remains of Frontier Town. So we hope you enjoy our photo gallery. Got memories of Frontier Town as either a visitor or employee? Tell us in comments.