More Gore Love


As readers of Schroon know, we are not shy about expressing our love for the mountain closest to Schroon. So we were happy to hear that we are not alone. A skiers website has just named Gore as one of the 5 most under rated resorts in North America!

"Gore is a fantastic state run ski area in the Adirondack mountains of New York. You might hear “state run resort” and think it’s some budget ski area with no desirable amenities such as high-speed quads, gondolas or snowmaking but you would be dead wrong. Gore might not have a 5 star lodge at it’s base but the ski experience is on par with any of the high price ski resorts in the east. Recent terrain expansions have opened up vast amounts of prime east coast glades making this gem shine even brighter".

Meanwhile, Mother Nature will play a large role in determining just how long Gore will be open for Spring skiing. Check their website daily to see what's happening. And don't forget, the sale of their bargain basement priced season passes ends on April 25th.