Schroon's Awesome Archers

   Photo Courtesy Schroon Lake Central School

Photo Courtesy Schroon Lake Central School

As we reported earlier this week, there are four Schroon Lake Central students aiming high to score big in the National Archery in Schools Program national competition in Kentucky right now.

And we just recently learned about the stunning accomplishments of many other SLCS students, who are also awesome archers.

This year 18 students competed in the NASP State Tournament and they all shot very well. From Schroon Lake Central School:

“There were 607 competitors in this year’s tournament from districts all over New York. Schroon Lake had four students rank in the top six and 11 in the top 50. Megan Hall finished as the top female in NYS and Derek Dezalia, Sam Foote and Ian Lowe were ranked 3,4 & 5 for the boys. Emily Maisonville was the top middle school female while Ben Wisser finished as the #3 middle school boy.

In addition to the previously mentioned, Joe Maisonville and Shannon Garland both finished in the top 10 of their divisions which qualified them all to compete in the Nationals. That’s right...8 students from little ‘ol Schroon Lake qualified for the NASP National Competition in Louisville, KY!!!!! (Grace Higgens only missed the cut-off by 1 point).

Below are a few more results that we are very proud of:
*All high school archers finished in the top 25% overall
*All Middle School Archers finished in top 50% of division - Dawson DeZalia only missed cut-off by 6 spots

*3 others within 15 spots of qualifying

Competitors include: *Megan Hall, *Shannon Garland, *Emily Maisonville, *Derek DeZalia, *Sam Foote, * Ian Lowe, * Ben Wisser, *Joe Maisonville, Jack Higgens, Caleb Maisonville, Bryce Vallie, Thang Luong, Dejanira Plumstead, Alysen Bruce, Grace Higgens, Cole Plumstead, Noah Udes  and Dawson DeZalia


Megan Hall, Derek DeZalia, Ben Wisser and Shannon Garland will be traveling to the NASP National Tournament in Louisville, KY May 8- 10. They will be competing amongst 10,800 other archers from around the country. I want to thank all who have supported their efforts but a special “THANKS” to Craig DeZalia for all of his time and hard work as well as the SLCS Booster Club.  Our students are very fortunate to have such a wonderful community to support them....Thank you Schroon Lake".